About 1Minutes of Nature

1Minute of Nature is a series of 24 short animated documentaries for children. The central theme is how children see and experience nature. The series started in 2008 as a radio production, and audio remains the point of departure.

The stories come from actual interviews, that feel like fiction. This play on the boundaries between fact and fiction is also reflected in the imagery; in the films, objects photographed from daily life form a 3D background for a world in which 2D animated characters live.

1Minute of Nature encourages children to reflect on the world around them, in the hopes that they will see it differently afterwards.

1Minute of Nature is produced by a team of independent and Prix Europa winning radio producers in cooperation with a team of animators. At this moment our 1Minutes have been selected by festivals around the world: Berlinale 2017, Ottawa IAF, Oberhausen SFF, IDFA, CPH dox in Copenhagen and Trickfilm Stuttgart amongst others. Please enjoy:

To watch our animated 1Minutes click here.

If you would like to contact us regarding the 1Minutes please send an email: stef@radiomakersdesmet.nl.